The Best Postworkout Meal

Build Muscle, Lose Body Fat, Or Both At The Same Time After Skip La Cour Outlines Better Nutritional Habits For You

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose body fat, or a combination of both, how efficiently you eat will be critical to your success. We’ve all heard the sayings “You are what you eat” and “How well you eat determines up to 80 percent of your bodybuilding success.”

As I’ve already stated before, I believe many of us make the process of bodybuilding far more complicated than it needs to be. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition.

I’ve come to this conclusion after answering literally thousands of questions from bodybuilders for more than a decade. Through seminars, appearances, letters, phone consultations, and contact through the Internet, the same questions we’re asked and the same challenges were encountered over and over again. It didn’t matter what level of experience, number of accomplishments, individual circumstances, or what part of the world a bodybuilder lived, when it comes to nutrition, their patterns of thinking and the obstacles they faced were basically the same.

As I strive to strengthen my skills as an effective bodybuilding coach, one of my goals is to simplify the bodybuilding process. The bottom line is that we are all after the same things; to build muscle, lose body fat, or a combination of building muscle and losing body fat. We also want to do so in the most efficient ways and in the shortest period of time. If you embrace the nutritional strategies I’ll outlined for you during our phone consultation, how you need to build muscle and lose body fat will be more simple. Notice the word I used was simple—not easy! Nothing is easy (Nothing worth having, anyway). Eating to create a lean and muscular physique is no exception.