The Mindset and Actions You’ll Need To Put Together Your New and Improved “Balanced” Life – More Than Just Muscles Podcast #6

The Mindset and Actions You'll Need To Put Together Your New and Improved "Balanced" Life
Going from the known to the unknown takes a lot of courage. This is especially true when you feel relatively good about what you are currently doing. Your challenge is just that you want more for your life. If you’ve invested a number of years putting your fitness goals first, you’re probably really good at doing that. It’s important to know exactly why it’s important for you to balance things out and the mindset and actions you’ll need to make the effort worth it.

You’ll need some insight and perspective on how to approach the new, exciting, and oftentimes challenging journey that’s ahead of you. During this podcast “The Mindset and Actions You’ll Need To Put Together Your New and Improved ‘Balanced’ Life,” Skip La Cour shares some of his personal experiences moving forward and what he’s learned observing hundreds of other people trying to do the same.

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Skip La Cour is a six-time national drug-free bodybuilding champion who has been a leader in the bodybuilding and fitness world for over 25 years. He is a success coach, speaker, and business owner. Skip helps ambitious men understand and execute effective leadership and influence skills so that they reach their goals in life with more clarity and confidence.

This MORE THAN JUST MUSCLES podcast is jam-packed with simple and effective strategies that will help you BREAK OUT of your current way of thinking and taking action so you can FINALLY create a better overall quality of life. It will get you on the path toward more happiness and a new, empowering identity that’s significantly more meaningful than just having a great body.

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