Why It May Be Tough For You To Change And A Strategy To SHOCK You Into Doing So Anyway – More Than Just Muscles Podcast #10

Why It May Be Tough For You To Change And A Strategy To SHOCK You Into Doing So Anyway
Do you already know that you need to make some changes to balance things out and create the life you really want–but just can’t seem to get the process into gear? This can be especially confusing for you because you’ve already demonstrated hard work, tenacity, and flexibility when it came to mastering your bodybuilding and training efforts, right? During this More Than Just Muscles podcast titled “Why It May Be Tough For You To Change And A Strategy To SHOCK You Into Doing So Anyway,” Skip La Cour breaks down why it may be that way for you and an emotional exercise that could shock you into finally making those changes you want to make.

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Skip La Cour is a six-time national drug-free bodybuilding champion who has been a leader in the bodybuilding and fitness world for over 25 years. He is a success coach, speaker, and business owner. Skip helps ambitious men understand and execute effective leadership and influence skills so that they reach their goals in life with more clarity and confidence.

This MORE THAN JUST MUSCLES podcast is jam-packed with simple and effective strategies that will help you BREAK OUT of your current way of thinking and taking action so you can FINALLY create a better overall quality of life. It will get you on the path toward more happiness and a new, empowering identity that’s significantly more meaningful than just having a great body.

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