How To Stay Motivated

Through my experience helping thousands of bodybuilders around the world, the most common misconception is that the next “secret strategy” in training, nutrition, supplementation will miraculously launch their physique to a higher level. Although there is no doubt some strategies are better than others, the way you handle the level of motivation, the inevitable challenges, and your emotional state will have a far greater impact on your success than training, nutrition, supplementation strategies. Many people in the gym fail to realize this undeniable fact.

I have made my distinction in the bodybuilding and fitness industry as a great motivator. My obsession to help you use your mind–that tremendous bodybuilding resource–more fully. I attribute the majority of my success as a competitive drug free bodybuilder, my performance in the gym, and my success as a businessman to the way I have controlled my mental state over the years.

Your mind is by far your most valuable training tool. When you use your mind to its fullest potential, even the worst strategy can become somewhat beneficial. At the same time, with an inferior psychology, the very best strategy will not be as successful as it should be. Make no mistake about the fact that your mind leads your body.